TickTrader is a brand-new trading platform, which allows clients to trade five of the most popular asset classes — forex, stocks, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies via one trading account. A special trading account, TickTrader ECN, has been designed for trading using TickTrader platform.

The new multi-asset trading platform facilitates both margin trading and deliverable trading. This can be achieved either directly through the platform or via a FIX, REST or WebSocket API.

As a trading platform, TickTrader pursues one goal: helping users to become profitable. It is easy to adopt and use, but besides being user-friendly, TickTrader boasts comprehensive functionality that ensures it meets the multitude of requirements from every type of trader, from beginner to institutional.

TickTrader Key Features

  • TickTrader Terminals. Use TickTrader Desktop Terminal, or install the special version of TickTrader Mobile Terminal on your iOS or Android device, or trade direct from any browser via TickTrader Web Terminal.
  • Highly customizable user-friendly interface. Personalize each single panel settings as well as the whole workstation entirely: a trader can easily create trading layout using a wide range of options and preferences.
  • Advanced technical analysis tools. Take full advantage of ready-made various traditional indicators or make your own and add them to your account.
  • One/double click trading mode. This tool is designed for traders who are looking to make profits of rapidly moving markets, or want to try high-frequency trading and/ or scalping and do not intend to lose a second on waiting. The orders are placed immediately.
  • Level 2 pricing. Venture the market depth with up to 200 levels and the ability to see your limit orders inside the order book.
  • Trading alert system. Customize your alerts and then choose how you receive the notifications.
  • Detailed charting system. Descriptive charts allow a trader to draw and see volumes, trades, and set up alerts.
  • Strategy back tester. Test and evaluate your trading strategies using past pricing and liquidity. You can then use the analytics to run your algo-trading strategies and EAs.

TickTrader Web Terminal

TickTrader Web Terminal is a part of TickTrader trading platform being an up-to-date complete solution that can be used both at retail FX brokerages (margin trading) and exchanges providing for physical delivery of the assets traded.

Using TickTrader Web Terminal you can enjoy all the benefits of trading with TickTrader from any location, only having a computer connected to the internet.

TickTrader Web Terminal Advantages:

  • The web platform operates without any additional software and supports all the major browsers and operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS).
  • Highly customizable user-friendly interface with Real-time quotes (Market Watch and Level 2), advanced charts, T&S tape, trollbox and news.
  • Support of both margin type (Gross/Net) and exchange type (Cash) accounts with full set of trade orders.
  • Fully transparent Level 2 pricing with built-in order entry feature (one-click trading).
  • Ultra-fast order entry and execution.
  • Advanced charting and technical analysis tools.
  • History of trading operations.
  • Multiple languages and user settings support.

TickTrader Web Terminal features

TickTrader Mobile Terminal

TickTrader Mobile Terminal supports mobile Forex and Exchange trading via the Internet from anywhere 24/7. It offers real-time market data, including pricing and charts. With TickTrader Mobile Terminal traders can easily and quickly receive the latest economic and financial news, currency rates, access charts and perform market analysis online.

TickTrader Mobile Advantages:

  • Built–in Depth of Market (Level 2).
  • Full support of marginal trading (Gross/Net account types) and exchange (Cash account type) operations.
  • Real time tracking of trading account portfolio: assets, orders and positions.
  • Live interactive symbol charts.
  • Tools for technical analysis (30+ indicators).
  • Trading history logs and historical prices.
  • Forex/Exchange market news.

Getting started with TickTrader Mobile Terminal

TickTrader Desktop Terminal

TickTrader Desktop Terminal is an ultimate all-in-one trading application combining professional tools with fully customizable interface. It has a high-level functionality and opens access to both marginal trading and exchange of FX and Crypto instruments with low latency.

TickTrader Desktop Advantages:

  • Highly customizable user-friendly interface with a range of options that allows personalizing of the workspace.
  • Both marginal and exchange trading of FX, Metals and Crypto instruments.
  • Wide range of orders types supported, including IOC and Iceberg orders, helping traders to make smarter trading choices.
  • Great variety of tools needed for effective technical analysis, including common trend indicators, oscillators, volatility measures and line drawings, all accessible from directly within the chart.
  • Regular and advanced chart types, including Tick charts, various time frames, overlay function, a fully customizable toolbar and rich suite of user settings.
  • One-click/double-click trading modes.
  • Built-in Depth of Market (Level 2 pricing).
  • Creation and testing of algorithmic strategies and custom indicators.

Getting started with TickTrader Desktop Terminal

How to start trading with TickTrader?